Shannon Goes to Bible Study

by Fr. David B. Rude+


I always liked Monday nights because that was bread night. My Daddy Dick would bring me back to The Church of the Good Shepherd (where I never saw any shepherds, good or bad) and everybody would fuss over me because I AM The Queen. He would bring a nice loaf of fresh bread from the bakery and tear off a piece just for me. I wonder if that’s what they mean by ‘born and bread?’ The saying should probably be ‘born for bread’. Just like other times, sooner or later, they would expect me to do the job I was trained for... cleaning all the remaining food off plates before they were washed... a job fit for a Queen!
 Monday nights were also soup nights. Each week someone different would make the soup and so I got to check it all out. Fr. David makes great soup but I can’t make a fuss about it because he might think I had a thing for him. I really do but I can’t let him know. I didn't want to make Daddy Dick jealous so I do my best, within the boundaries of good manners, to ignore Father David. Actually, I make believe I’m a cat. Don’t think he likes being ignored because he thinks he is The King. I hate to bust his bubble but there’s only room for one sovereign and that’s me.
 The ladies are the best. If I was a guy this would be a great place to pick up chicks. Anyway I love all the hugs and the kisses and especially the smiles. We canines like to show our canines but humans really have greater skill at smiling. I think I like the smiles even more than I like the bread. They are beautiful women. I can’t imagine why Daddy Dick hasn’t made a run at one of them.
 I discovered early on that Monday nights were not just about bread or soup but about Father David’s lectures. We were there to learn something about the Bible. I knew a lot about that subject because Daddy Dick would sometimes preach sermons to me especially on Monday nights on the way home because Fr. David would say things that Daddy Dick had never heard before, some of which he didn’t agree with at all.
 The worst night for Daddy Dick’s sermons came when Fr. David pontificated on the movie, Noah. He claimed that it was about how God came to realize he had made a big mistake causing the flood. All night long I heard, in a dozen different ways, “God doesn’t make mistakes!” I finally had to hide under the bed and cover my ears. Oh, the paws that refreshes!
 Through it all I was impressed by Daddy Dick’s faithfulness. He was faithful to me, faithful to his family, faithful to his church, and faithful to God. I think it was because he knew just how faithful God was to him providing all the blessing he so enjoyed in his lifetime.


Moral of the Story


No matter how short our days, there is much to experience, much to learn, much to enjoy but above all, there is the love of God.


Bible Verse - Deuteronomy 7:9
 Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generation