Shannon Does Dishes

by Fr. David B. Rude

Shannon’s my name. Dishwashing’s my game. Actually my Daddy got me into this business, Daddy Dick. He’s not my biological father because he’s a human and I’m a dog. Most of my canine friends refer to their benefactors as ‘Master’ but in our home the title would be debatable because Daddy Dick caters to my every whim. You see, he’s my sugar daddy and I’m The Queen.
   When I was born it took me a little while to figure out I was a dog. Then I learned that I wasn’t just any dog, I was a Corgi! I like to think that’s pretty special. In those days Daddy Dick and I both had a master. Her name was Janet. She was the one who named me after she had traveled to Ireland, whatever that is. I’m quite pleased with my name because it could have been worse. Really. My predecessor’s name was Guiness. Can you imagine? So you see why I’m thankful. I’m a bowser not a boozer.
    Our master was good to us but one day she became quite ill and they took her away. I never saw her again. We were so sad but she had raised me well and I was ready to take her place as the Master.
    To make a long story short, one day Daddy Dick took me to a place that was special to him. He called it a church and explained that it had a name, The Church of the Good Shepherd. I’d heard about shepherds from my German friends but I didn’t see any shepherds, good or bad. There wasn’t even a single crook on the staff. But I did find a great kitchen with lots of wonderful people who all understood that I was The Queen as I received a royal welcome. I have since visited my subjects frequently.
    On one particular occasion we had a mission. We were to prepare great pots of chili for folks that had fallen on hard times and had difficulty finding enough to eat. A most worthy cause. I know because I don’t care to be hungry. But why they thought Daddy Dick could cook is a mystery to me. But they learned the sad truth when they asked him to put a can of mushrooms in the chili. In went the mushrooms, can and all! Engineers are so literal.
    They soon found that his skill lie in washing the pots and pans and dishes and he carefully taught me that ancient art. The first thing you have to do, he explained, is make sure you don’t lose any food that might remain and if there’s even a half a teaspoon remaining, you have to eat it and not throw it out. Daddy pointed out that with all the starving children in India it would be a sin to let the tiniest morsel go to waste. So it wasn’t long before it all went to my waist. Ever since, whenever I go to church my subjects set plates in front of me to scavenge food from before they go into the sink.


Moral of the Story


We are each wonderfully and uniquely made and equipped with specific gifts to serve a purpose in the household of God. Discover that purpose and be faithful in it’s performance for there is no task too small to be of value to the Almighty.


Scripture 1 Timothy 3:15


if I am delayed, you will know how you ought to conduct yourselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.