He is Risen!

For two thousand years this has been the declaration of so great a cloud of witnesses. Something amazing happened that first Easter morning for if nothing had happened, we would have never heard of this obscure carpenter from an unknown village in a peculiar land. As it is, not only did those folks on the scene experience Him alive and well, friends and enemies alike, but people ever since have encountered the Risen Lord starting with St. Paul. There are those who say all religions are pretty much the same but none can boast the empty tomb and the Christian Faith is not really a series of religious propositions (though we have them) but rather a series of encounters with this person who claimed to be God, one person after another throughout the ages each one making the surprising claim: He Lives!And surprising it is for there is no other experience like it, nothing else to compare it to, no other explanation other than; He Lives! To be sure there are those who scoff starting with St. Thomas who said, “I will not believe unless I put my finger in His wounds.” Well, Jesus met him on his terms and he believed. Jesus is always willing to meet you on your terms. Are you courageous enough to peer into the empty tomb? Do you dare ask him to reveal himself to you?


Happy Easter!


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