WHAT DOES “EPISCOPAL” MEAN? This is an Anglicized Greek word meaning “Of Bishops”. This refers to the fact that our Chief Pastors are ordained to their position by the successors of the apostles, i.e., by three or more other Bishops in the Aposolic Succession.


WHAT WE BELIEVE We embrace the faith once delivered to the Saints which they summed up in the Nicene Creed formulated in 325 AD by the second ecumenical council of The Church. The complete expression of our understanding of what this statement means and how it is lived out is The Book of Common Prayer. While this represents ‘the norm’ we recognize that each person is in a different place in his/her Christian walk so that all are welcome to worship and fellowship with us regardless of his/her background and understanding.



WHAT ABOUT THE BIBLE? While we call it “The Word of God” we recognize that God’s Word is more than ink on a page and existed long before the first pen was put to paper and that God’s Word was preached by The Church for almost 400 years before its creation. We understand the Bible to be the record of the revelation of God to a peculiar people who lived a long time ago culminating in the full, final and perfect expression of himself in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, known as The Christ.The Bible was created in 397 AD by the Catholic Church in response to certain heresies and governmental persecutions. It used the authority vested in it by our Lord Jesus Christ in its selection of writings. While the Bible teaches that the “pillar and foundation of our Faith is The Church,” thereby giving The Church authority in matters of faith and practice, it may not ordain anything as necessary for salvation that is contrary to God’s Word written.