A Sad Day for Shannon

by Edye Marshall



I had a wonderful life with my Daddy Dick who brought me to bible study every week and Bea’s Kitchen every month and to help prepare casseroles for humans who were temporarily having a difficult time. I especially loved my MOS (Mutt Occupational Specialty)... dish cleaner.
   Everyone loved me and gave me treats and head scratches as my Daddy Dick worked. I loved being the Queen of the Good Shepherd family. Then one day, Daddy Dick went away and never returned. That had happened with our master, Janet not all that long ago. All was not lost though. Other family members and friends began looking out for me but I missed Daddy Dick so very much. I waited and waited but he never came home again. I was so sad and didn’t understand how he could have abandoned me or what had happened to him.
    His family stayed with me and they were just as sad as I was. They even cried. I tried to console them but they missed him just as much as me. One morning they brought me to my favorite place, The Church of the Good Shepherd but it wasn’t for Bea’s Kitchen or the Bible Study. Instead we went into a large room I’d never been in before. There in the middle was a big, long, brown box. Standing next to the box was Fr. David (in a white dress of all things) and our old, dear friend, Fain Webb (also in a matching white dress). The whole family was there along with so many of Daddy Dick’s friends, most of whom I’d never met. Many were crying and several rose and spoke about what a wonderful man he was and how much they would miss him. Some told funny stories and I got to speak too (in bark language, of course). I wanted so much to go wherever Daddy Dick went, but in the midst of all that I heard a voice I hadn’t heard in a long time. It was God saying, “You have more work to do here.” Wasn’t dish cleaning enough?
    Finally they took the box out of the church and everyone gathered in the Parish Hall. Yeah, more snacks, more head scratches! Suddenly a young boy who they called Steven, knelt down beside me and gave me a hug. I liked him right away and hoped I’d see him again sometime. I bet we could have fun together.
    Later in the week, Fr. David came and took me for a ride. I hoped it might be Bible Study so I could have my bread and clean the dishes but instead we ended up at a house I’d never been to before. Imagine my joy when we went in and there was Steven and his whole family. I liked them very much in spite of the fact they had three cats, of all things. They were named Ruthie, Harry and Rachel and they didn’t seem to like me either.
 There I have stayed. They gave me lots of my very own toys and a comfy new bed. I realized God had given me a wonderful new family to love. They brought me to a pet spa and the groomer gave me a makeover and made me look very beautiful once again.
 I still miss my Daddy Dick, but I’ve fallen in love with my new buddy, Steven who plays with me and cares for me and, in spite of the cats, I’m happy once again!


The Moral of the Story


We all have sad things happen in our lives and we may not understand why. But the Lord always brings us through them. Life may change, but life goes on. Life is a gift! Trust the Lord.


Bible Verse


He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds    —Psalm 147.3 


Love Steven's Hugs!